MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #2: Property Taxes

Based on their 2001 framing, the MN GOP jumps ahead to 2009 to nail Rybak on property taxes:

But Property Taxes Have Skyrocketed Under Rybak. “Property taxes, which have risen steadily in Minneapolis and St. Paul, are likely to continue that trend. Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak proposes to raise city property tax collections by 11.3 percent next year, the most during his two terms, after a string of 8 percent increases dating to 2003.” (Steve Brandt & Anthony Lonetree, “When it’s about city taxes, devil’s in details for Minneapolis, St. Paul mayors,” Star Tribune, August 22, 2009)

Minneapolis citizens wanted problems solved and were willing to pay. Problems were solved. Rybak was reelected. Twice. The reason the MN GOP doesn’t link to the original stories is because they don’t want you to read the entire story. The next two paragraphs of this story are:

Both mayors [Rybak and Chris Coleman] are acting like potential gubernatorial candidates, and they blame Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s no-new-state-tax policy for the local increases that could be drags on their campaigns.

Still, there’s no sign of a property tax revolt in either city.

Pawlenty shifted the tax burden for local services to cities in order to avoid raising taxes, so cities increased taxes in order to keep the lights on. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul’s mayors were reelected by large margins.

Is the MN GOP telling the whole story when they leave out the parts about Pawlenty cutting local government aid? I feel like I’m not getting the entire truth from the MN GOP’s talking points.

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