MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #19-20: Tap Water Marketing

Again, the MN GOP focuses on the “how much” rather than on the “why”.

Rybak Spent $180,000 To Promote City Tap Water. “The city of Minneapolis is spending nearly $200,000 to sell something that would seem to sell itself: tap water. … Tap Minneapolis is the city’s new web site, and PR campaign to promote the city’s tap water. But unlike tap water, it’s not cheap. The web site costs $75,000. The total cost paid to the PR firm was $180,000.” (“Mpls Taxpayer Money to Promote Tap Water,” KMSP, Watch Here, June 22, 2009)

The MN GOP proves that it’s too short sighted to understand that marketing is an investment.

* “The water campaign was Mayor R.T. Rybak’s idea. He also brought us those decorative water fountains a year ago.” (“Mpls Taxpayer Money to Promote Tap Water,” KMSP, Watch Here, June 22, 2009)

KMSP’s quote is a bit off, considering that, in 2009, the fountains were not “brought” a year ago. In fact, only one has been built to date. Perhaps they mean that the water fountains were proposed a year before, but that’s different from spending real money.

Again, the MN GOP does a two-fer citation on a story in order to pad their talking point volume.

4 thoughts on “MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #19-20: Tap Water Marketing”

  1. $200,000 to remind people they have indoor plumbing, and that they should use it.

    hmmm, let me think about that one for a nanosecond….

    Nope; sorry. Rybak is an idiot, and if that’s a “talking point”, it’s one everyone needs to hear.

  2. @TJSwift, would it also be wrong to spend money reminding people to use a seat belt? It seems like you’re using the same behavior as the MN GOP by looking at the cost without considering the benefit. Things certainly would seem ridiculous if one assumes that there is no benefit to the spending.

    If you’re interested in finding out how this type of spending may create a positive return on investment, check out this stuff.

  3. Dude….I design process controls for water and wastewater treatment plants for a living. Trust me here, everyone *loves* to take baths, flush their toilets and make coffee. Cities can’t keep up with demand.

    Tap water doesn’t need a PR person, a secretary or a manager…it’s a SuperStar.

    Honestly, why would anyone wonder why a government run by leftists is always broke? They’re all nuts!

  4. @TJSwift, if that’s the case, how about dropping a link or two to support your statements? As an industry insider, I imagine you’d know where to find data like that. I’m interested in more than your unsupported opinion.

    I must admit that I have some doubts about your statement considering that the City of Minneapolis sells water to surrounding suburbs. That seems like strange behavior for a city that “can’t keep up with demand” as you suggest.

    FWIW, Minneapolis’ bonds are rated AAA, and the city has paid down debt over recent years.

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