MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #10: Fee Increases

Oh my. A fee was increased. But why? The MN GOP doesn’t really get into that. Instead, they make it sound like it’s all about generating revenue and imposing more regulations.

But Rybak Has Since Backed Numerous Fee Increases:

* “Dog collars can’t weigh more than 2 pounds, tethers have to be three times the length of your animal, and if you want to keep anything that clucks, quacks or could be served as a holiday meal, get ready to pay $30 for a permit instead of the old $10 fee. Those are a few of the new ordinances passed unanimously last Friday by the City Council. The ordinances, which went into effect when Mayor R.T. Rybak signed them last week, are part of a trend in cities nationwide toward tougher animal controls.” (Chao Xiong, “Pet controls with more bite,” Star Tribune, December 27, 2006)

The MN GOP didn’t link to a follow-up article from 2009 where the results of this ordinance were described: It’s the latest phase in the city’s multiyear effort to ramp up enforcement on owners of such dogs, following several horrific attacks in 2007. That year, a dog killed a boy, 7-year-old Zack King Jr., and another nearly killed a woman, Paula Ybarra.
. . .
Stepped-up regulation already had dented the number of domestic animal bites in the city before the checks began. Bites fell by 12 percent in 2008, from 411 in 2007 to 360.

So maybe it’s not all about money and government control, but actually has something to do with protecting the city’s citizens?

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