MN Republicans are Anti-Tap Water

File this under, “you can’t make this stuff up.” The Republican Party of Minnesota has released a statement verifying that they’re anti-tap water. It comes within an anti RT Rybak statement that’s consistently absurd:

“After eight years of massive property tax hikes, irresponsible police cuts and millions in wasteful spending on artistic water fountains, the promotion of tap water and vegetative roofs, it is clear that R.T. Rybak is incapable of setting priorities. Now Rybak promises to do for Minnesota what he’s done for Minneapolis. Minnesotans can’t afford Rybak’s failed leadership of higher taxes and wasteful government spending.”

There you have it. I didn’t realize that promoting access to cheap safe water coming out of the tap of every faucet in your home was a liability. Are there really people in the State of Minnesota who are against tap water, or is the Republican Party of Minnesota completely out of touch with Minnesotans on this issue?

Regarding the rest of the points raised in this one paragraph non-supported statement:

1. Property Taxes: I’m a Minneapolis resident and am fine with the services provided to me for my property taxes. What’s your definition of massive? How would you have preferred to see the budget balanced?

2. Police Cuts: The budget was balanced and tough decisions were made along the way. What would you have liked to see cut instead that would have achieved the same results?

3. Artistic drinking fountains: addressed here.

4. Tap Water: Seriously?

5. Vegetative roofs: How much would have been saved long term had this not been done? Are we talking about serious money, or are you grasping at straws?

Without answers to the above questions, how do you expect your statements to be taken seriously?

3 thoughts on “MN Republicans are Anti-Tap Water”

  1. Regarding No.’s 1&2, Republicans would prefer that cuts be made in the HHS dept; Specifically Public Funded Health Care and Education. You should do a long term, in-depth report on exactly what happens with the Education portion of the HHS budget. If you do, I’ll help promote it, which means 300 more people will know you did- except for the 40 or so who you know too. It’s not much, but that’s all I can offer. But I think you’d do a good job. I also think it’s important that people understand why things cost what they do, and that educating kids might require a different percentage of a society’s GDP at different points and places in history. But that’s all a tangent…

    The rest you cover. I don’t disagree with you, but if a Republican were to answer your questions, that’s probably what you’d get.

    I thought the tap water promotion was a good idea. Didn’t cost much and it’s passive income for the city.

    Keep up the good work. You need an agent.

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