John Moe’s Candy Club on Twitter

John Moe’s Candy Club on Twitter cracks me up. In a nutshell, once a week, John and his fellow candy enthusiasts pick a candy to all try at the same time on Twitter, then tweet about their experiences with it. You can follow along on Twitter’s search engine by searching for the #candyclub hashtag.

The candies chosen to date have been fairly dentally challenging with Skittles, Bit-O-Honey, and Milk Duds being reviewed over the past three weeks. Next week is a coconut showdown between Almond Joy and Mounds at noon CST on Marth 9th. Visualize the match-up here or here or here.

I picked up some Milk Duds in preparation for this past week’s candy club, but ended up being somewhere between Minneapolis and Phoenix during the allotted Candy Club time. Here’s a shot as we started to taxi back:

Milk Duds for #candyclub

I had a few on the plane – stalled out – and think the rest of the box should last me a lifetime.

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