Bathroom Door Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal Door Opener

This looks like the perfect addition for any public venue serving the germaphobe crowd. A foot pedal that allows you to drag open the door with your foot rather than touching the door with your just-cleaned hands.

9 thoughts on “Bathroom Door Foot Pedal”

  1. This is actually pretty cool, especially after you notice that dude that just left the bathroom without washing his hands.

  2. I think it’s a brilliant idea, but I question the design.
    I would think some sort of lever would work better, but I’d have to try it.
    Was it easy to do?

  3. Reminds me of the thigh-operated faucet triggers on the sinks in the exam rooms at the Mayo Clinic.

  4. Sounds like a good reason for that business to avoid sanitizing another object. Great labor cost reducer! Ever think of the surface on the other side of the door where people place their hand to push the door open? How about the door handle used to enter the building? Perhaps the person that didn’t wash their hands, the last time they wiped their ass; washed their hands before touching that door handle. Germaphobia is a relativity new mental disorder. (after 1900) I feel germaphobes are victims of negative social conditioning, usually associated with, or starting with advertisements for disinfection products. Just another small example of unnecessary health insurance costs for the masses. Here in the State of Minnesota, we are all required to carry coverage for mental counseling for disorders like this. Just like a 65 year old married couple being required to carry coverage for AIDS or drug addiction treatments. Or, a 19 year old female being required to carry coverage for prostate cancer. Could you imagine if the price of your car insurance directly reflected the driving records of other drivers. I.E. someone with two DWI’s paying $300 a month, and you with no record paying the same in the name of fairness. Germaphobia is your mental disorder! Why should your mental disorder reflect the general costs of my health care. Ask Obama that. Get over it, or you will never have your liberal utopia. If your afraid of germs, you will never feel comfortable anywhere.

  5. @kirk, you’re not currently required to have health insurance. It sounds like you’re against the pooling of funds to spread costs and risks, which is, well, what insurance is. Perhaps you should not have insurance? You obviously can still have health care by paying out of pocket. That seems like a better fit for your values. By having insurance, you’re running the risk of getting physically or mentally sick and relying on the funds of people who happen to be less sick than you to help you get better. Clearly, that’s not aligned with your values.

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