I Can See Tim Horton’s From Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton's from a Tim Horton's

I’m not sayin’ that Canadians like Tim Horton’s. I’m just sayin’ that I can see a Tim Horton’s from a Tim Horton’s. Check the background on the right.

Tim’s has a couple quirks. They only credit card they take is MasterCard, so it’s like the opposite of the Olympics, which kind of makes sense for a donut shop.

They also have a no loitering policy with Max. 20 Minutes signs displayed in their stores. Shove down the calories and be on your way. Don’t expect to find WiFi anytime soon in a place like this.

One thought on “I Can See Tim Horton’s From Tim Horton’s”

  1. In the south you can see Waffle House from Waffle House off almost every exit and I know in Chicago and NYC I’ve been in a Starbucks and can see another one. So we really can’t make fun of the Canadians, at least for this.

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