Tagging My Own Bag in Montreal

Notice anything strange about the bag tag sticker in the photo below:

Bag Tagging in Montreal

I’m holding it while it’s not attached to the bag. Crazy, eh?

Air Canada’s self-serve check-in kiosks are now printing out the bag tag stickers for travelers so travelers can attach them before bringing their bags to a bag drop location. The responsibility made me feel like a grown-up.

This doesn’t seem like it provides much direct benefits to travelers. However, it does lower the time per traveler spent by Air Canada employees by shifting their work to bar code scanning the tag and confirming that your ID matches what shows up on their screen before sending the bag down the conveyor.

I suppose this has the potential to help address the “I have checked in and all I want to do is give you my bag” wait times. But I also expect there to be plenty of “I put my sticker on wrong. How do I print another one?” conversations while people adjust to their new responsibilities.

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