Expert Security Line at MSP

Expert Line at MSP

Check out how busy the expert (black diamond) security line was at MSP last week compared to the blue line. The one other person using the expert line was walking so fast that he’s nothing but a blur while the blue line people are in focus because they’re standing still.

For those of you not familiar with this, the far-right security check point, by Door 1, has three self-selecting Disney-like corrals for travelers based on the downhill skiing Green Circle, Blue Square, and Black Diamond labels. The Green Circle is used most often by first time travelers and the stroller pusher crowd. The Black Diamond by the Up in the Air crowd. And the Blue Square by everything in between.

While it’s not in my own best interest to say this, I think more Blue Square travelers could probably handle the Black Diamond line. If you are up to date on the security guidelines, don’t wear several layers of jewelry, choose easily removable footwear, and understand what needs to come out of your carry-ons, you’re qualified. But don’t risk it unless you’re prepared to handle a looks-could-kills stink-eye from frequent fliers.

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  1. Wait, so you can basically bypass the line by claiming you’re an expert traveler? That’s hilarious. How hard is it to go through airport security? Is there some sort of litmus test? If you’re too slow do they send you to the other line?

    Seeing as how it’s not at all busy I’m guessing most people think you need to have elite status to go through it.

  2. @Chase, it’s regulated through self-selection and peer pressure at this point, and it really does work. At least in MSP. The Chicago Midway crowd tends to be overly optimistic about their security compliance expertise. I’ve run into issues there with people forgetting a Harley belt buckle or other ridiculousness.

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