Run Minneapolis – 20 Along the River & Stuff

On Nicollet Island during 20-Mile Run

Carolyn, Meg, Carly, and I knocked out a 20 mile tour with a taste of St. Paul on Saturday morning. Starting from the Dunn Bros at the Lake Street Bridge, we ran South along W River Parkway, across the Ford Bridge and up to the Lake Street Bridge. At that point we dropped off our friend Fran who was good for 6 miles only months after a hip replacement (hard core).

We then crossed back across the Lake Street Bridge (the sidewalks are an ice rink) and headed up to the U of MN. We cut down to the tracks to make our way to St. Anthony Main, then ran around Nicollet Island and stopped to snap the above photo.

Leaving Nicollet Island, we took the Hennepin Ave bridge into downtown and a left on 1st, which took us past the old Fujiya location. We shifted up to 2nd St and worked our way down past Maxwell’s. From there, we took the path along the LRT past the Bedlam Theater and crossed Hiawatha on the Sabo bridge to hit the Midtown Greenway for a while.

We stopped for some water at the Midtown Global Market, then went East on the Greenway to W River Road. Unfortunately, we were only at 19 miles when we got back to Lake Street, so we ran down to 36th St and looped back on 47th Ave S to hear Carolyn’s GPS watch beep for the 20th time. Good times.

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  1. Can you give us a trail report?? It has been tough winter for running the paths around river since they had a hard time melting clear after the Chrismas snow. Did you find any spots on your run where you can actually run on solid tarmac for a few miles?

  2. Dale – I agree, it has been a tough winter of running on ice on the River Road paths! The Midtown Greenway was not clean down to the asphalt, but it was hard packed snow which was fine for running. Yesterday I ran both sides of the River Road paths and Minneapolis did not plow, but the St. Paul side was plowed and actual clear so the running was great on that side.

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