Luke Hellier’s Latest Attempt to Smear RT Rybak

Luke Hellier, over at Minneapolis Democrats Exposed, is continuing to have problems with the truth on his website. One of latest stories he’s attempting to push has to do with a connecting he sees between Minneapolis Mayor, RT Rybak, and the group TakeAction Minnesota.

The City of Minneapolis website hosts a variety of calendars that list council meetings, government holidays, and other events. Luke Hellier noticed that on January 31st, an event related to TakeAction Minnesota was listed. TakeAction Minnesota represents groups to the left of Luke who are into things like health care for all Minnesotans, so this got his panties in a bunch.

This inspired Luke to scream in all caps “RYBAK‚ÄôS OFFICIAL WEBSITE PROMOTES LEFT-WING GROUP.” Sounds pretty serious, eh?

Had Luke taken a few deep breaths or stepped outside for some fresh air before posting that, he may have noticed that the calendar he was linking to does not reside on “Rybak’s Official Website.” In fact, there is no calendar on Rybak’s official website.

To verify the inaccuracy of Luke Hellier’s statement, you can search for the following term on Google, [inurl:mayor calendar]. That search result displays every page on Rybak’s Official Website that mention the word “Calendar”. Yes, the word is occasionally mentioned, but there are no links from the Mayor’s website to the calendar listing the event that bothers Luke Hellier. which will show you that the calendar you cite has never been mentioned anywhere on “Rybak’s Official Website”.

This is another example of Luke Hellier crying wolf. For Hellier to be credible in his role at MDE, he needs to figure out how to spin stories in his party’s favor while maintaining a basis in fact. Or, he could work to replace himself with someone more competent.

5 thoughts on “Luke Hellier’s Latest Attempt to Smear RT Rybak”

  1. heh. I never want to be under your microscope. Where do I pay to keep that from happening?

  2. Definitely. BTW keeping the watchdogs’ feet To the fire is as important as what they claim to be doing. Good work.

  3. Once again we see the common thread woven through all too much Republican rhetoric, Lies not Fact, Headlines not Substance.

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