Did Marty Seifert Buy Luke Hellier’s Twitter Love?

Back on January 17th, Luke Hellier mentioned on Minnesota Democrats Exposed that Rep. Marty Seifert bought some ad space on MDE in order to reach the painfully misinformed crown (and those that like to poke fun at them [or something like that]).

Good for Luke. It makes me question Marty Seifert’s judgment, of course, but there were already reasons to to that.

This made me wonder if buying ad space on a site like MDE has any impact on the editorial choices of Luke Hellier. There are no walled gardens between editorial and ad sales at most blogs, so neutrality can be tough to maintain when direct ad buys come into play.

I figured one way to measure this would be to look at how often Luke Hellier twittered about his revenue source pre and post payment. I ran the numbers:

@lukehellier's Marty Seiftert Mentions 5-Days Pre & Post Seifert Ad Buy

Well that’s interesting.

This could be purely coincidental, of course. Perhaps Marty Seifert’s campaign just happens to be doing some particularly newsworthy stuff these days? Well, here’s what it looks like in practice:

Luke Hellier Pimping Marty Seifert's Radio Ads

Ooooh, exciting stuff. Retweeting the pre-announcement of radio ads.

Luke Hellier Pimping Marty Seifert's Radio Ads

Three hours later: The ads are here! The ads are here! Things are really heating up over at the Marty Seifert campiagn.

Luke Hellier Pimping Marty Seifert's Radio Ads

Better post that twice. That should not be missed.

The fact that Marty Seifert created a radio commercial is clearly HUGE news, right? Well, the pre-announcement followed by the double tweeted link have created a “flood” of 12 clicks (10 from within the USA) to Luke Hellier’s story on MDE about the radio ads Marty Seifert created:

Bit.ly Traffic to Luke Hellier's Marty Seifert Pimping

Apparently the MDE Twitter echo-chamber doesn’t care about Marty Seifert’s ads.

If Seifert doesn’t get his money’s worth, I wouldn’t attribute it to a lack of trying on Luke Hellier’s part. In this case, I think success has more to do with competence and character than a demonstrable effort.

One thought on “Did Marty Seifert Buy Luke Hellier’s Twitter Love?”

  1. Would you prefer campaign updates from the likes of Tom Emmer? Without Coleman or Anderson Awada the options for sycophantic GOP worship have greatly diminished.

    The real question is whether MDE will give Republican-turned-Independence candidate Tom Horner any attention…

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