A Good Day for Google

A Good Day for Google, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Google hooked me up with some free WiFi at the Milwaukee airport and stopped censoring search results in China in reaction to some government shenanigans today. That sort of stuff makes my life a little bit better.

This is on top of a conversation I had earlier today with a friend where he said he dropped his Yahoo account when they turned over the identity of a journalist to the Chinese government. I’d link to this stuff but I’m writing on my Google powered phone while waiting to take of right now.

No company is perfect, but it seems like Google is wielding their tremendous power responsibly these days.

4 thoughts on “A Good Day for Google”

  1. Nice present from google, but US airports should start to offer free wifi – most canadian airports already have free wifi. It’s always a pain in the a** to creat an account when you just want to check emails real quick.

  2. @Manuel, agreed on offering free WiFi of some sort. Some US airports have free WiFi, including Las Vegas, but way too many charge as much as $10 for what ends up being less than an hour of use, which is absurd. Personally, I get around that and hotel WiFi charges with a Sprint data card, but that’s not a justifiable option for less frequent travelers.

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