The Benefit of Losing Power

We woke up to a 48F household this morning due to our power going out at around 4am. I crawled back under the covers while brushing my teeth. That was a first.

On the plus side, check out the energy savings reported on our Google PowerMeter:

Power Loss Google PowerMeter

I think we saved 10 cents!

Maybe we could get used to shutting off the house overnight?

9 thoughts on “The Benefit of Losing Power”

  1. Our heat goes down to 55 each night from about 11pm to 6am and then again from about 9am to 3pm (during the week). Even in our 100 year old, poorly insulated house, our heating bill is pretty reasonable.

  2. I love that spike around 9am when you had 2 coffee pots going full-on! Thanks for using so much power to keep us well-caffeinated!

  3. Does 6 hours of a zero carbon footprint for a family of 4 earn us a few carbon credits we can trade in? (Kind of like green stamps?)

  4. I recall Jimmy Carter telling us turn the thermostat lower and put on a sweater during his term. Clearly, he was ahead of his time in thinking. And thanks for taking his suggestion to the next level. Imagine the energy saved by putting things off and hunkering down under the covers until spring arrives 8 months from now.

  5. @ariah, the Google Powermeter service is open, but requires some hardware. Currently that hardware is a 5000-G from The Energy Detective for $199. And it’s been on backorder for 6 or so weeks.

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