Is the StarTribune a Minneapolis Company?

I ask because of this headline:

StarTribune Headline

Paired with this description of where the accident occurred:

Location of Railroad Accident

37th Avenue NE is the East-West border street separating Minneapolis (NE Minneapolis) from Fridley. It’s about as far as one can get from South Minneapolis and still be in Minneapolis. No part of South Minneapolis is on the East side of the Mississippi River.

6 thoughts on “Is the StarTribune a Minneapolis Company?”

  1. Good point, Charlie. I should also mention that I didn’t stumble upon that by reading the directly. A 3rd party site that syndicates their headlines happened to have that, which piqued my interest since there are so few trains in South Minneapolis these days. Had the headline been true, the accident would have likely been near my house rather than about as far from my house and still within the bounds of the city as possible. My interest flipped from piqued to shocked when I saw how out of touch the StarTribune is with Minneapolis geography.

  2. Maybe along with their creative services they outsourced their headline writing to India as well.

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