Could Aaron Cocking Twitter With One Hand?

As I mentioned the other day, Aaron Cocking isn’t much of a twitterer. Based on his Twitter profile pic, I assumed at the time that this may be because he’s stuck in a poorly lit basement (or, something like that).

Aaron Cocking on Twitter

However, I noticed something over on Sally Jo Sorensen’s Bluestem Prairie blog that piqued my interest. Check out the guy holding the camera behind RT Rybak at a campaign stop in New Prague:

Aaron Cocking on YouTube

That sure looks like Aaron Cocking to me. Here’s the full video Sorenson captured of an incident where RT Rybak’s mom, Lorraine, asks Cocking if he’s had a chance to try the kolaches:

Now, I may be overly optimistic with this next statement, but if you could humor me by reading it, I’d appreciate it: Couldn’t Aaron Cocking Twitter original thoughts from the Rybak campaign trail using his non-camera hand? Admittedly, I have no idea if Aaron Cocking’s multi-tasking abilities are refined enough to simultaneously handle two such complex tasks. But, when I look at the image and video presented above, it seems like Aaron is having no problem handling that camera with a single hand. Just food for though, Aaron. I suppose it’s also possible that Aaron isn’t being asked to think in his role as a campaign tracker. If that’s the case, this is a moot point.

It is good to see Aaron turn into a big softie when Lorraine Rybak starts talking about food. It gives me hope that he can find a campaign position that focuses on doing something positive on behalf of his preferred candidates. Surely there must be nice Aaron could be saying about GOP candidates rather than obsessing about their competition?

Yes, I see the irony in that last paragraph. I think it’s balanced by the unsolicited constructive criticism I’ve offered Aaron. Yes/No?

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