Aaron Cocking’s Twitter Echo Chamber Contributions

I noticed that Minnesota Democrats Exposed contributor, Aaron Cocking, retweets other Minnesota GOP Twitter users a lot. By a lot, I mean that just about all he does is pass along other people’s opinions rather than have any of his own. For example, here’s a look at his most recent tweets:

acocking on twitter

Retweet, retweet, retweet, retweet, retweet, followed by a link drop.

This made me wonder, “Does Aaron Cocking have original thoughts?”

So, I ran the numbers. Here’s a breakdown of Aaron Cocking’s @acocking tweets to date:

@acocking's Twitter Breakdown as of 12/23/2009


1. The majority of Cocking’s tweet’s are retweets. Contributing to the right-wing echo-chamber is his . . . um . . . strength.

2. Sports are his favorite original thought Twitter topic.

@acocking Sports Twittering

3. Less than 15% of his tweets are relatively original thoughts related to politics (at least they’re not retweets).

4. If you’re not interested in Aaron Cocking’s play by play sports twittering, you could receive much, if not all, of the same content by following @mngop and @mbrodkorb. However, if you don’t follow @acocking, you’ll miss out on great stuff like this retweet of @mngop retweeting @mbrodkorb:

@acocking Retweeting @mngop Retweeting @brodkorb

5. Cocking had more opinions of his own when he started using twitter. Did he run out of original thoughts or just find it easier to have something to say by “curating” the echo chamber by contributing to the echo chamber?

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