New Challenge: Monthly 20 Mile Runs

I’m not sure if Carly or one of her friends came up with this concept, but it definitely wasn’t me. But that hasn’t stopped me from playing along.

Each month, we’re running one 20-mile run. Simple enough. Just get out of bed on a Saturday and keep moving for 20 miles in a row. We did the first one in November on a loop named the “Around the Town Loop” by Carolyn. I believe there were 6 of use on that run (I’m the only guy). Here was the course, starting and ending at the Longfellow Grill:

That’s roughly the first 20 miles of the Twin Cities Marathon run in reverse.

This past Saturday was 20 miler #2. We crossed the border into St. Paul for this one. Again, starting from the Longfellow Grill, we headed upstream to the Guthrie Theater along W River Road, then back to cross the Lake Street Bridge for a trip down Summit Ave to the Kelly Inn and back. Unfortunately, we still needed another mile to hit 20 (19 miles was NOT an option) so we headed South on W Mississippi River Road a smidge to round it out. That part was a bit of a survival shuffle for me.

Between the first and second 20-miler, I did more biking on a trainer in my basement than road running miles. That, it turns out, was a mistake. Lesson learned, I think.

If you’d like to join us for the next 20-miler in January, let me know.

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