Luke Hellier’s Credibility Falls Further

This is one of the most offensive things I’ve read:

Luke Hellier Spewing Nonsense

I get the impression that Luke Hellier doesn’t know me and isn’t a regular reader of The Deets. Perhaps I’m wrong about this, but if I was to describe the type of stuff I blog about, I think a description of fact based with commentary would be fairly accurate. I don’t make stuff up so I can write about it. Reality has plenty of interesting stories, as far as I’m concerned.

Looking back at this weekend’s posts where Luke Hellier was mentioned, here’s what I see:

In “Luke Hellier: Minnesota Democrats Exposed Exposed” I explained that Luke Hellier used truncated crime data to support his misguided narrative regarding the state of crime in the City of Minneapolis during RT Rybak’s tenure. Even though we’re weeks away from the end of 2009, Hellier chose to use data from 2008 because crime in 2009 crime stats to not support his anti-Rybak argument. This was outed and not contested.

In “Is Luke Hellier Lying or Stupid” I documented that Luke Hellier claimed that I said something I did not say and provided proof that Luke was making stuff up (lying). I also explained that Luke Hellier was cherry picking statistics to support his misguided arguments, which is rather immature of him.

In “2008 vs 2009 Crime in Minneapolis” I documented that there is little to no chance that aggravated assault crimes will be up in Minneapolis year over year for 2009 (December assaults would have to double their historical average).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’m 3 for 3 on backing up my arguments with evidence.

At this point, I think Luke Hellier should be thinking about whether he’s cut out for the role he currently holds at Minnesota Democrats Exposed. As I mentioned before: I think there is a role for opposition websites like Minnesota Democrats Exposed, but their influence relies entirely on the intelligence, authority, and influence of the site’s author(s), which is where MDE has slipped considerably. Luke Hellier’s credibility is seriously in question based on his inability to rely upon facts to support his anti-Rybak arguments.

5 thoughts on “Luke Hellier’s Credibility Falls Further”

  1. I’m not quite sure MDE has ever really had any credibility, at least not with reasonable readers. Typical extreme political manipulation playbooks are always in full effect, and starting with Broadkorb, half truths, lies, trashy innuendo and staged narrative are the norm and fully intentional. Their like-minded readership and base hasn’t ever cared about any refuting statements or actual facts…any attempt to counter or persuade any of the past MDE authors or readers with concrete data and logical thought progression will always be spitting into the wind. Their intent is to create stories and buzz from scratch to fit an agenda (and repeat it often, in ALL CAPS and as MUST READ), not analyze and report on actual issues. MDE readers will recall the great Paulsen campaign sign “theft” set-up and ambush from the 2008 elections…again, creating a story. Remember, the founder was and is a professional in this PR field. Unfortunately, there are also enough hooks between them and some local news sources that someone does bite every once in a while; Broadkorb has had contacts from his Republican campaign jobs for years. MDE knows that facts are only marginally important, and mass audiences may ultimately not care, when they can get any kind of emotional tagline out to the public.

    Regarding the comments — you may be able to find some discussion of that topic in the comments of mnprogressiveproject or mnpublius over the last couple years. They do indeed administer their comments and allow only those comments through that fit their intended narrative and strategy. I’ve seen logical, articulate and passive (yet opposing) statements blocked, while horribly written, irrational, threatening and juvenile (but again, opposing) statements are let through…a tactic that is very useful in painting opposition credibility the negative light that you want.

    Bottom line is, MDE isn’t in the business of factual reporting, so we may end up disappointed in their responses to actual debunking. But hopefully we can keep the debunking loud enough that fewer media sources bite. And for that, Mr. Kohler, I thank you.

  2. In my one and only in-person dealings with Michael Brodkorb, MDE’s founder, he recounted to me the details of a meeting he’d been to that day with some local media folks. Without sharing any of Brodkorb’s details, I contacted one of those media folks to see what had happened. The story I got back did not match Brodkorb’s in any substantive way. My source’s version was very unordinary. No axe-grinding, just a dispassionate account from someone who found the meeting very unexciting. But Brodkorb told me how he and the person he was with had read these media people the riot act and put them in their place.

    They lie because the facts aren’t on their side, and because they think they’re fighting for a greater good. I cannot imagine what that greater good could possibly be since everytime they take power wars are started, poverty skyrockets and the poor and middle class horribly.

    I don’t know Luke Hellier, but he seems to be following in Brodkorb’s footsteps.

  3. Let me make a prediction–

    What we are reading is the beginning of the end of MDE. It will limp through the 2010 elections in decreasing effectiveness, then when the GOP loses those elections, it will be part of what is blamed for the loss (when in fact the blame belongs to Gov BridgeFAIL’s financial bungling and missing-in-action status).

  4. Not sure where I got the word “unordinary” from, but I think you got my drift.

    I’d say MDE is still successful, if your definition of success is enabling the further radicalization of Minnesota Republicans from the party of Lincoln to the party of Jeff Davis, prosperity gospel, and laissez faire social services.

    The better MDE does, the worse the next pasting of their candidates will be.

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