Is Luke Hellier Lying or Stupid?

I’ve never met Luke Hellier, and can’t say that I know the guy, but it seems pretty clear to me that he’s either lying or stupid when he tweets stuff like this about me:

Luke Hellier Is Either Lying or Stupid

Why would I suggest that Luke Hellier is either lying or stupid? Because he’s basing his statement about me on this exchange on his destructive blog where I clearly note that rape is the one type of crime that, sadly, has increased year over year in the City of Minneapolis:

Proof that Luke Hellier Is Lying or Stupid

Luke Hellier choose to ignore decreases in homicides, larcenies, burglaries, aggravated assaults, auto thefts, and arson in order to grasp at straws to support his inaccurate narrative. I believe my comment on his blog was clear about this.

As Aaron noted in the comments of my previous post about Luke Hellier’s blatant disregard for facts that don’t support the story he’s trying to shovel, Hellier’s blogging does not generate the type of content a mainstream media site can rely on for news stories.

Luke, please man up and apologize for twittering such a misleading statement. While you’re at it, enlighten me as to whether this was an honest mistake or something more sinister. An appropriate response would be an apology tweet that goes out to all of your followers, or a blog post on Minnesota Democrats Exposed. I don’t question your passion. It’s just not cool to call someone a liar when they haven’t lied. Cleaning up the mess you’ve created may help you gain back some credibility with me.

UPDATE: Luke Hellier responded on Twitter. His response? Denial.

Luke Hellier Deny's Lying in the Face of Documented Facts

How can anyone trust someone who’ll deny such clearly documented facts? I understand that he may not want to accept that he’s either lying or stupid, but he’s making the case for one of those two conclusions.

He then goes on to pile onto a lie he started regarding aggravated assault statistics.

8 thoughts on “Is Luke Hellier Lying or Stupid?”

  1. You say “lying or stupid” like they’re mutually exclusive.

    I get the feeling that if this were a GOP mayor with the same exact stats, Luke would’ve been questioning whether rape was truly increasing or raising suspicion that they were simply false reports. The GOP isn’t exactly known as being friendly to rape victims.

  2. What were the percentages/Ns for the others? Honestly an increase in rape is much more important than decreases in some of the crime you mention (aside from homicides).

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