Other Future of News Conference Presentation

I had a chance to attend and present at the Other Future of News conference yesterday in Minneapolis. I learned a lot about what people within various local news organizations are experimenting with in order to continue to make a living within the news industry.

My presentation was during the tech segment and focused on how Dapper.net and Mturk.com can be used to efficiently mine data on the web without serious technical skills. I showed how I leveraged those two tools to gather the data used to tell the story that became this post about CityPages.

Here is a copy of my presentation. If you click the square within the square button, it should go full screen.

Here is a sample of the feedback my presentation received among Twitterers:

Feedback on #ofon Presentation

Thanks to David Brauer and Taylor Carik for their hard work organizing this, and to Adam Voreis for his help throughout the day with audio & video.

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  1. This is cool Ed, we should talk about how I can make use of this some time over a beer.

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