1029 Bar’s Dress Policy

1029 Bar’s Dress Policy, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I wonder who the 1029 Bar is trying to stear away from their drinking establishment with this set of dress policies?

Football jerseys, bling, sideways baseball caps, and long t-shirts seem to be acceptable when they’re on Church of Incarnation pull-tab playing honkies.

It seems like a good fit for a certain breed of white Minneapolis cops and other pallid folks who don’t mind a faint whiff of bile with their beer.

"I’ve got no problem with lesbians."

Diversity seems to stop at girl-on-girl porn with this crowd.

3 thoughts on “1029 Bar’s Dress Policy”

  1. I forget where I read it, but recently some black and white friends were entering a club together. The doorman denied entry to the black cuz due to their dress.

    The friends left for 20 minites, switched clothes, and returned to the same doorman. All were allowed entry, notably the white guys wearing their black friends’ clothes.

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