Run Minneapolis: Harriet and Garfield Avenues South

Garfield Ave S at Franklin Ave W

I did a tour of Garfield and Harriett Avenues from Franklin Ave to Minnehaha Creek this past week. The two blocks East of Lyndale are primarily residential with easy access to lots of restaurants and transit.

Garfield's Column Homes

It was interesting to see how the architecture changed along Garfield Ave. Near Franklin, there were some large homes that have likely been split up into apartments. North of Lake, there were tons of small apartment buildings. Near 40th, large single family homes are the norm. And at Minnehaha Creek, is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city: Tangletown.

Intersection Re-Route

A few streets have been re-routed to cut down on people using side streets as alternatives to Lyndale (I presume). This sort of thing seems effective from that perspective, but it probably creates other issues (plows probably don’t like it).

Mystery Church

I can’t find a name for this church at Garfield & 28th St. Anyone?

Parking Lot Behind Lyndale Tap House

The pay station at this parking lot has the worst pay station in the city. It’s so bad that I’ve chosen to go to eat at different restaurants in order to avoid having to deal with it. The machines don’t take credit cards and getting dollar bills to work is nearly impossible. This is costing Moto-I, Herkimer, and other restaurants at this corner money.

Snipe Real Estate Advertising

There is one less snipe real estate ad on Garfield after I cleaned up this one. I grabbed around 5 different signs during this tour.

Snipe Patriotism

Snipe patriotism is alive and well on Garfield.

Front Yard Ice Rink

Heading back on Harriett, I was fired up to see this ice rink taking shape in the front yard of a home.

Judson Memorial Baptist Church

Judson Memorial Baptist Church at Harriett & 41st, explains how Baptist and Liberal can live hand in hand.

Midtown Greenway at Harriett Ave S

The Midtown Greenway was well lit and but vacant at the time, but this was a bit after rush hour (9pm).

Good times touring through a variety of residential areas.

3 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Harriet and Garfield Avenues South”

  1. Two Items:
    1. I very much dislike traffic diverters, something I’ve been meaning to post about lately.
    2. OMG! somebody is building an ice rink in their front yard??????? That is one of the most AWESOME things I’ve ever heard of. I’m def gonna take a drive up and down Harriet until I find this place…

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