Avis Car Rental’s Poor Listening Skills

I recently rented a car through Avis in Minneapolis, and followed up with them after the fact to make sure I wasn’t added to any print distribution lists, including their own. I’m quite familiar with their company so don’t really need anything in the mail from them, or from any companies their affiliated with. Here is the email I sent them through their online contact form:

Feedback/Question Type:Website Assistance & Feedback
Comments: Hello, could you set my account to make sure I never receive any print marketing pieces from you? And never sell my name to other companies?

If this can’t be done, please let me know.

This seemed both reasonable and clear to me. However, I was wrong. Notice the complete disregard for the word “print” in the response:


Dear Mr. Kohler,

Thank you for contacting us through the Avis Website.

To Opt Out of Email Campaigns: Please submit your details at www.avis.com/car-rental/content/privacy-preference.ac

If you use more than one e-mail address, please submit separate form for each of your e-mail addresses.

If preferred, you may reply back with your wizard number and we can assist with this request.


Sonia Thompson
Avis Customer Service Representative
FAX: 918-270-2920

So I responded to clarify what I was looking for – no print pieces and don’t sell my name – with this email:


I’ve already opted out of receiving emails. My concern here is print and the selling of my name to other companies. Can you assure me that you won’t send me anything in the mail and that you won’t sell my name to other companies?

Wizard: 2SL90R

– Ed Kohler

Which also seemed pretty clear, I thought. Based on the response, it seemed like they finally understood what I was talking about:

Dear Mr. Kohler,

Thank you for contacting Avis.

We are not in the practice of selling our customer email address, and since you have opted out you should not be receiving any correspondence from Avis.

Avis sincerely appreciates the business you have given us, and we look forward to serving you again soon.

Traci Ellison
Avis Customer Service Representative
FAX: 918-270-2920

I bet you can tell where this is going:

Avis Car Rental Print Spam

And what did that package contain? A plastic card with the same Wizard (loyalty) number I already had.

Based on their inability to get such a small thing right after two attempts, I have to say that I’m a bit concerned about what it would be like to deal with them over something less trivial, like an accident claim.

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  2. Looking forward to using my new Wizard number! Wish I could opt out of all these damn coupons I keep getting in the mail. I have never used a single one of them.

  3. What happened to the paperless society that was promised to us via the internet? Maybe it is through this electronic medium that corporations have lost their ability to communicate.

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