How to Buy Discount Gift Cards Online

Here’s a little tip on how you can buy gift cards to many popular online and offline retailers at a discount.

1. Go to and join their Cashback program.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bing, it’s the recently rebranded search engine owned by Microsoft. As a marketing deal, they’re running a Cashback program where you can receive rebates on items purchased on popular websites after clicking through from select ads on Bing.

2. Search for products on Bing. One suggested search is for “Nintendo Wii”.

3. Click the Bing Cashback ad for Ebay. Here is an example of what the ads look like:

Bing Cashback Ads

At Ebay, you should see something like the following in the header:

Cashback on Ebay

4. Search for gift cards on Ebay. You’ll then need to click to filter for BuyItNow gift cards because they’re only offering CashBack bonuses on fixed rate items and not auctions.

5. Buy buy buy. You’re limited to $2500 in annual cashback savings, but you could stock up on, say, $25,000 in gift cards for retailers you plan to shop with anyway and call it a year.

It’s worth noting that this has caused some inflation in the gift card market. You’ll often see gift cards selling for above face value, so you may need to pay, say, $105 for a $100 gift card, which would net out to costing you $90-$95 each (still a great deal).

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