Target Target’s a Breastfeeding Mother

The whole “Target target’s” thing was ripped straight from the first 10 seconds of the story out of Detroit:

I dig that FOX went with the breastfeeding shots in their story.

Since this story was about a mother, the comments immediately degraded into the typical hell hole mothering debate. An anonymous commenter fired the first shot with:

I am a mother myself and this is ridiculous! Take the 5 minutes and go to the restroom….stop trying to get a lawsuit.

And they were off to the races, with a response 6 minutes later from a commenter named Chrissy:

Take 5 minutes and go to the restroom? Would you eat your lunch in a room filled with toilets full of stuff people shat out? She was feeding a baby, plain & simple. There should be no shame in that.

And on and on and on they go. 626 comments so far.

7 thoughts on “Target Target’s a Breastfeeding Mother”

  1. I breastfeed all the time at Target. It’s just not feasible to go into a bathroom (that has no nursing area) when I’ve got a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old in tow. I hide my baby in my sling, nobody knows what’s going on, and hey — people should be happy she’s stopped screaming.

    Only 625 more commenters left to go :).

  2. You know, I have nothing against breast feeding and don’t think it’s gross at all, but wouldn’t it just save everyone the grief if mothers would just pump a couple of bottles and bring them along for shopping and other outings? No more bathroom comments and no more righteous indignation. Sheesh.

  3. Alie, cows have to be milked regularly, or they become extremely uncomfortable. I assume that the same applies to nursing women.

    My employer has a “wellness” room that can be used by employees that don’t feel well, as well as by new mothers for pumping milk.

  4. This is just another example of people lashing out at others for what is going on in their own F’d up heads. If boobs make you feel weak in the knees and want to cry mommy, maybe you should stay home.

  5. It’s interesting to see how self-motivated people are in their opinions on this topic. Babies’ access to lactation is being determined without proper representation. Just wait until they get organized.

  6. I agree with the comments on not wanting to use the bathroom (where are you supposed to go if they don’t have a lactation area, the stall? Yuck!), but what about the dressing room? I went to a dressing room frequently when I was out with my infant and it worked brilliantly. As long as you go somewhere without a huge line, no one cares and then there’s no debate about public breastfeeding!

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