Yellow Pages are Dead or Dying

Yellow Pages are Dead or Dying

It’s interesting to see how Google’s autocomplete suggestions give us a glimpse into the zeitgeist of our economy.

Turning Google upon itself, we see:

Google Is Going to Take Over the World

Do the results for startribune tell us what people find interesting in the paper these days?

StarTribune Autocomplete on Google

My hope is that the startribune results are an illustration of areas people can’t easily find on the site, so turn to Google for help rather than what they’re primarily turning to the StarTribune for in 2009.

4 thoughts on “Yellow Pages are Dead or Dying”

  1. The StarTribune article search page is one of the worst-functioning utilities ever…. On multiple occasions I’ve had a print version of the paper right in front of me but no matter what combination of words or quotes lifted directly from the article will return the article in the search results. And it’s not because the articles aren’t online… because eventually I’ll find the articles online some other way… I don’t bother using the StarTribune search page anymore. Talk about a waste of time….

  2. When I can’t easily find a Strib article with their search, I enter the author’s name and have almost always found the article I’m looking for.

    Now if I could just get the darn ads to stop covering up the search field…

  3. @kenc, that’s one way to look at it. But that would mean Google’s actually taken the time to manually adjust their yellow pages related suggested search results rather than relying on an algorithm that simply serves up what their software guesses people are looking for based on previous searches.

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