Madison West Holiday Inn Suites TP

Madison West Holiday Inn Suites TP

Paul Jahn has a bit of a cheese shop photography habit, but managed to break it up with this TP shot from the Madison West Holiday Inn. It would be nice to see the Holiday Inn devote an additional 2 seconds per room to improve the quality of their folds.

No word on whether Snoop was chillin’.

2 thoughts on “Madison West Holiday Inn Suites TP”

  1. What lacked in proper TP folding was made up by all the suburbahood restaurants like Applebees… and that other one that looks like Applebees. I love Madison but definitely enjoy the downtown area a bit more than the beltline.

    I’ll be out of town this weekend staying in one of those older hotels that have everything from horrible 1-star to great 5-star reviews. I don’t know what to expect but will do my duty to inspect the TP folding.

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