Run Minneapolis: 45th & 42nd Aves + Veterans Home

E 31st St at S 46th Ave

Being a Longfellow Community resident, I’m running out of streets near my home in my Run Minneapolis project due to convenience. However, there were two nearby in need of attention last night: 45th & 42nd Aves.

Upper Mississippi River Locks & Dam No 1

I was joined by Carly, Meg, and Carolyn, (actually, it was me joining them) as they ran down to Lock & Dam #1 for a hill workout. Back in Jr. High, I had a teacher who tried to tell me class that the Mississippi was a highly navigable river with only a handful of locks on it. While navigable, it didn’t seem plausible to me that it only had a handful of locks over the entire length of it, and I mentioned this over dinner to my parents. They suggested I call the Lock operator at Lock & Dam No. 1. This would have been in around 1987, so back in pre-Wikipedia where answers weren’t a handful of seconds away. I got out a . . . phone book . . . found the number, and called them to confirm that there were, indeed, more than a handful of locks (29). I brought to the attention of my teacher the next day, and was not thanked for enlightening her.

Disc Golf Hole #5 in Wabun Park

I did one trip up the hill to check that off then wrapped up through Wabun Park past the disc golf course.

Minnesota Veterans Home

Heading South, I arrived at the Minnesota Veterans Home.


I’ve been past the main entrance to the Minnesota Veterans Home quite a few times before, but didn’t realize how many buildings were behind that. My camera couldn’t do justice to the architecture in the dark, but I encourage you do walk or drive through the campus to check it out.

Parkway Pizza

After touring the campus, I connected back with Carly, Meg, and Carolyn to head back North on 42nd Ave S where we passed Parkway Pizza.

Reidy's Market

Followed by Reidy’s Market, where I pick up Fresca since SA doesn’t carry any 12-packs of non-caffeinated diet pop.

Riverview Theater

At 38th St, we passed Riverview Theater, but didn’t stop for some take-out popcorn this time.

Riverview Cafe and Wine Bar

Followed by the Riverview Cafe and Riverview Wine Bar.

Riverstone Salon Spa

I’m pretty sure Riverstone Salon Spa at 34th St was first a grocery store. It’s a great spot to stop in for a cut with a glass of wine.

Northwest Graphic Supply Company

At 42nd Ave S & E Lake St, Northwest Graphic Supply Company hooks up people with screen printing supplies and other graphics goodies. This building started as a car dealership, as you can probably imagine.

Closed Taco Bell on East Lake St

After reaching the end of 42nd, I turned back on 41st Ave S which took me past the now-closed Taco Bell on Lake St. What do you think this will turn into next?

Old Greyhound Bus at Hiawatha Auto Upholstery

And, at Lake & 45th, a retro Greyhound recently showed up at Hiawatha-Lake Auto Upholstery. Did that bus get its start in Hibbing?

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3 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: 45th & 42nd Aves + Veterans Home”

  1. I still can’t believe that the Taco Bell closed. I thought I personally kept it open and making a profit. This is a very sad day.

  2. Ed, you ran right in front of my house at 41st. Ave. and 28th Street!

    Say, do you have a master map that shows all of your runs? It would be great to see the complete picture. Thanks for your blog.

  3. Scott, I’ve been highlighting the streets on a paper map to keep track of what I’ve done. Very analog of me, but it seems to do the trick. I’ll load a picture of that.

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