Domains of Emily Kaiser’s Diggs

Ryan asked the following question in the comments of my previous post about Emily Kaiser’s return to

That graph represents her diggs of VVM stories exclusively?

That’s a fair question. What if, upon Emily’s return to Digg, she started using Digg for something other than pimping VVM stories? Just for Ryan, I pulled the stats. Here is a breakdown of the sites Emily has been Digging:

Domains of Emily Kaiser's Diggs

Here are the domains ranked by volume of Diggs. The sites from Gawker on down make up the Other slice of the pie, having receiving one Digg each:

Ryan, I don’t know about you, but to me this wreaks of being asked to do something but receiving no training on how to do it right (assuming it’s right to do it at all rather than focusing on creating great content).

One thought on “Domains of Emily Kaiser’s Diggs”

  1. No arguments on that one Ed.

    Whether there is anything wrong with saying “hey…take a minute and digg your coworkers stories wontcha?” I still am on the fence about…I know where you come down on the subject.

    What I really wonder is: do they have an internal tool that does this automagically?

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