Run Minneapolis: Keewaydin

E 50th St at Woodlawn Blvd

I toured the Keewaydin neighborhood between Lake Nokomis and Hiawatha Avenue on Monday night starting from 50th & Woodlawn, heading East on 50th St E.

Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church

Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church is a bit easier to see on its website. It was found in 1912, before people ran with digital cameras in the dark.

Dominguez Family Restaurant

I’m a fan of the fast and friendly service at Dominguez Family Restaurant. Check this place out. It’s just to the West of the corner of 34th Ave S & 50th St E.

Dwight C Demaine DDS

I consider Dwight C Demaine to be the deco dentist.

Al Vento

Al Vento is one of the best values for good pasta dishes in Minneapolis. They have a great patio in the summer, which is something to keep in mind for a long time from now.

Minnehaha United Methodist Church

Minnehaha United Methodist Church is going green:

Did you know Minnehaha has a “Green Team”? Do you know what a “Green Team” is? At one of our first meetings we decided our purpose is to: “Create awareness of environmental concerns that will lead to action – individual, group and institutional. Integrate ideas and education into all facets of congregational life.” We’re still working on the details of exactly how to accomplish that.

Cap's Grille BBQ

Cap’s Grille is closed on Mondays, so I couldn’t refuel with a BBQ sandwich (with or without slaw).

Nokomis Hardware

Nokomis Hardware was rolling in the awnings for the night as I passed by on 52nd St.

Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church of Minnehaha Falls packs in a full schedule on their events calendar.

Plantique Gardening & Gifts

Plantique sells plants with a free dose of alliteration at 52nd & Hiawatha.

Keewaydin Park

Keewaydin Park was host to a city council debate last week. On Monday night, the recreating was at a minimum.

4 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Keewaydin”

  1. Thanks for these Run Minneapolis features. They are always interesting. What do you recommend at the Dominguez Family Restaurant?

  2. I want to give a little love for 3 Tiers ( which is a few doors down from al Vento and my newest favorite bakery in the area. Better than Mel-O-Glaze or A Baker’s Wife. Fighting words? At any rate, good baked goods (too cold coming directly out of the display case however) and when was the last time you had stromboli?


  3. @Steve, good point about 3 Tiers. I stopped in there recently for lunch. Great stuff. I haven’t tested their baked goods yet so will reserve judgment on how they compete against other local bakery favs, although I get the impression that it’s a different niche.

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