Google’s New Android GPS Looks Phenomenal

When I heard that Google was turning GPS up a notch, I thought they’d mean they’d use Google Maps and their driving direction technology. But then I saw this dude search for a location based on something you’d find at that location. That’s a real game changer. That makes me think that searches for “navigate to breakfast burrito in Minneapolis” would come up with suggestions, which absolutely crushes current GPS navigation technology.

This solves the problem that yellow pages have never been able to solve. People are looking for products or services. But to find what they’re looking for, they need to take a step up from that to guess what stores carry the item or service they’re looking for. It’s time to stop playing games like that and just tell people what you have so they can find it.

This has a lot of potential for restaurants to drive new business if they’re interested in that sort of thing. But, to do so, they’re going to have to get away from the horrendous Flash driven websites with PDF menus and start building things Google and see and humans prefer.

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