TP at Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA

TP at Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA

Kim Osland captured this TP shot in Boston earlier this summer. She explains the work below:

Not the worst execution I’ve ever seen on the basic fold, but certainly lacking the sharp, perfect point to which a professional TP folder should aspire. Never did figure out the “handlebar” on the holder. Paper over the bar? Under the bar? Guess I’m not keeping up on the latest bathroom fixture trends.

What is the deal with that bar? Beats me. Nice TP at the Sheraton.

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  1. No TP fixture expert, but the mechanical engineer in me says it’s just a platform to create more stress along the perforations when you put tension in the roll. That is to say, if the perforation is over the handlebar, and you pull down, the TP is more likely to rip than if you just pull on it and there is no stress introducer.

    Most def. over the bar.

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