Run Minneapolis: Theodore Wirth to Longfellow

Bassett Creek Watershed

Attention Bassett Creek Watershed friends: Crap you put in the creek washes by my house downstream.

I did a little run on Saturday starting just East of Theodore Worth Golf Course, up through N Minneapolis, then down W Mississippi River Rd back to my home in Longfellow.

Passive Aggressive Parking Note

Things were off to an interesting start when I passed a car on Vincent Ave N with a note to cops to stop ticketing it.

Theodore Wirth Parkway near 26th Ave N

I missed a section of Xerxes on a previous run, so picked that up this time. The hill in the distance is a sledding hill in the winter at 26th. The top of that hill was the starting point for the run in the spring where I sprained my ankle at 26th & Bryant.

29th & Broadway

I turned East at 29th and crossed a relatively quiet section of Broadway.

Key of Faith Church

The Key of Faith Church sits at Newton & 29th. I couldn’t find a website for this institution.

Evil Pink Doggie

Johnny’s blogged about an evil pink pony in the past. I don’t know if this evil pink doggie is somehow connected.

Watershed along 29th Ave N

I didn’t expect to see a square block pond with walking trails along 29th.

Jordan Park Elementary

While passing Jordan Park Elementary, I was surprised to see a guy walking a pit bull. I’ve never seen anyone walk a pit bull before. Earlier in the run, I saw a few charging toward fences as I ran by. The one of the leash was quite a bit more social than the ones charging me in yards.

St Olaf Lutheran Church

St Olaf Lutheran Church at 29th & Emerson states on their website, “If you are looking for a church home that takes seriously the Christian mandate to serve the poor and seek social justice, then St. Olaf is for you.” Sounds like they’re living it.


The Tawfiq Islamic Center is on the NE corner of Lyndale and 29th.

Farview Park

This is a shot of Farview Park from the NE corner. The view from the top is much better.

3rd St N

I ran into I-94 at 3rd St N so turned south.

Kemp's Plant on Broadway

At Broadway, I discovered a Kemp’s plant. I’ve driven along Broadway many times without realizing milk and milk products were being produce along that stretch.

BJ's Liquors

I turned East at Broadway, which took me past some stoplight panhandlers and BJ’s. One of only two strip clubs in Minneapolis that aren’t in downtown. They offer pull tabs, pool, and pinball as distractions. The parking lot was packed in the early afternoon on Saturday.

Artwork on Broadway & 1st St N

Here’s one for Start Seeing Art. What’s the story behind this piece at Broadway & 1st St N?

Broadway Bar & Pizza

When I reached the river, I turned North past Broadway Pizza, where they do thin crust square cuts.

Minneapolis Park Board HQ

Then the Minneapolis Park Board headquarters. Joe Soucheray would likely have a fit if he knew what they spent on this guy.

Orvin "Ole" Olson Park

W River Rd terminates at Ole Olson park where a beautiful condo development abuts the train tracks.


Heading South on W Mississippi River Road, I passed Coloplast‘s new property. This is really impressive compared to the scrap yards a block behind it.

Old Fuji Ya Restaurant along W River Rd

When I got down the the Mill District, I saw the ruins of the old Fuji-Ya location. There was a proposal to turn this into a condo project called The Wave, if my memory serves me right. I guess that didn’t happen.

Closed Plank Road

I noticed that no work has been done on the plank road. Why did they close it before they planned to actually change it?

New W Mississippi River Rd Trails

This is the transition to the newly rebuilt trails along W River Rd. In the end, they did indeed use asphalt for both trails rather than concrete for the running path. They look awesome and are already getting a ton of use.

Graffiti Bridge

I believe the wall below this bridge between 26th & 27th Streets has the thickest layers of graffiti and graffiti cover up paint jobs of any wall in the city. Check it out sometime.

Augsburg House

I believe this house is owned by Augsburg College. Anyone know the story?

Longfellow Grill

Longfellow Grill marked the end of my run. 12.2 miles through N Minneapolis and home along the river. Good times.

6 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Theodore Wirth to Longfellow”

  1. That’s a good question, Ed. That arrow sculpture appears to be part of the Vogel Sculpture Garden at Broadway & 2nd St. (not 1st Street), which was created by various artists coordinated by Juxtaposition Arts–I think. I’m actually finding little to no information about it. It seems to be also know as the West Broadway Sculpture Garden or the Gateway Gateway Sculpture Garden.

  2. Let me know if you want to see the beautiful views from Coloplast’s balcony! Oh yeah, AND the beautiful views of the scrap yard. I’m here most days! 🙂

    That plank road thing is driving me crazy too! Why DID they close it and then do nothing about it… we all would like to know!

  3. Love to see your runs near my neighborhood – even if we are on the “suburb” side of the parkway. The sliding hill is packed after even the lightest of snows…great addition to the neighborhood.

    Sad to see you missed a classic – an old Dairy Queen turned into “Pair of Dice” pizza at 29th and Broadway. Also thin crust, square cut pizza but a fraction of the Broadway price ($8.50 for an extra large 1 topping, carry out only)!

  4. I love your run posts. This one’s really a trip down memory lane. Our first house after we were married was where the Jordan School parking lot is now and our daughters were baptized at St. Olaf Lutheran. The current Patrick Henry basketball coach shot baskets in my driveway when he was about 10 years old. Our beautiful salt box style house was moved to a vacant lot, I’d love to find out where.

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