Run Minneapolis: Xerxes & Washburn Aves N

Oak Park Ave & Dorr Drive

It’s not often than I stumble across a street in Minneapolis that I’ve never heard of, such as Oak Park Ave & Dorr Drive. Finding two at an intersection was even more surprising as I pulled up to the East side of the tracks near Theodore Wirth Golf Course. This was the starting point for a run four miles North along Xerxes Ave N with a return alphabetically to the East on Washburn Ave N.

Reuben Lindh Family Services

Reuben Lindh Family Services at 15th & Xerxes offers early childhood educational services throughout Minneapolis. The About section of the website offers some history on the organization, including, of course, Reuben Lindh’s background.

Willard-Homewood Neighborhood

The Willard-Homewood Neighborhood signs are have a clean look and rock the neighborhood watch scene. I haven’t noticed any correlation between what I perceive as a neighborhood’s crime threat and use of the neighoborhood watch logo. Does it have a deterrent effect?

Parkway United Church of Christ

Just to the North of Broadway is the pro-doughnut church, Parkway United Church of Christ.

Victory Memorial Parkway Looking North along Xerxes

Victory Memorial Parkway is lined with trees commemorating the Hennepin County servicemen of World War I. Plaques can be found next to each tree. A tudor style home was for sale near 40th Ave N along here that is worth checking out. The owner was picking up leaves by hand while his agent put out open house signs. Anyone with that level of detail has probably taken good care of their home. They’re asking $269,900. If copper pipes aren’t a big deal to you, there is a home a block South for $200,000 less.

Xerxes Ave N Dead End

At approximately 48th Ave N, Xerxes runs into tracks that separate the Victory neighborhood from their Shingle Creek neighbors to the North.

Tudors Along Washburn Ave N

Washburn was a very well maintained street with mature trees and lots of tudor style homes, such as this row here.

Home Along Washburn Ave N

At the end of my run, I passed a few large properties along Washburn that likely have some pretty cool views of Theodore Wirth Golf Course off their back since they sit up on a hill. I’m not sure why this particular home has steel cutouts of sports, but I kind of dig it.

3 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Xerxes & Washburn Aves N”

  1. I’m not sure, but I think I read someplace that a former Viking from the 1970’s Purple People Eaters lives in the house with the sculptures. Great day for a run! I love that area. Just watch out for flooding.

  2. Nathan is right – it’s the home of Carl Eller, although I’m not sure if he is a purple people eater or not, but that’s his home. Ed, that area that Carl’s home is in, big old estate homes, it’s sometimes called the Poorman’s Kenwood. I was just there door knocking the other day – if I had known you were running here I would have given you a stack of campaign lit to drop – ooppsss, I wonder if your anti-campaing lit, too, like phonebooks? LOL. Nice blogging, Ed.

  3. Dear Ed – you’ve never met me, but I was the home owner out picking up leaves in my yard before my open house. A friend noticed this on your blog and sent me a link. If you don’t mind some shameless self-promotion, I can tell you that my husband and I are both runners and have loved living on the parkway for the past 7.5 years. Being able to run to the Mississippi, Theodore Wirth Park, Crystal Lake, and the Minneapolis chain of lakes (Harriet, Calhoun, etc) has been one of the best aspects of our location. If any of your readers are runners looking for a house, it’s for sale and our website is

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