Qwest Dex Honors an Opt-Out Request

Justin sent in a scan of the door hanger Qwest Dex left at his home this week, proving that Qwest is capable of honoring opt-out requests.

DEX Hanger

They don’t always get it right, but they do appear to be making an effort.

This seems to occasionally work. For example, Aaron received a similar alert from Dex this past spring.

One thought on “Qwest Dex Honors an Opt-Out Request”

  1. Once again the Yellow Page delivery system has proved itself inefficient, defective and random.

    I am actually a user of phone books and hence find value in having the book on hand; however I am disgusted with the purposeful delivery of phone books and other unsolicited publications to abandoned homes and businesses. It is a blight on any community, unsightly, wasteful in both terms of the environment and finances. The cost of the waste for Dex and the other publishers would be better spent sending out some sort of an opt in tag hung out to indicate that delivery is requested. e.i. “Phone books will be delivered in your neighborhood the week of – – -. Please hang this out prominently during that week to indicate you would like delivery.”

    I live in a single family residence that happens to be a corner lot. My front door is located on
    one street, my back door on the intersecting avenue. I received a phone book delivery one day to the front door and the following day to the back. There is only one address to the property and that is the front. The back door delivery once again illustrates that these deliveries are being made without regard to address or validity but only to volume. Sad, wasteful, and not community minded.

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