Viral Video Flop Switches to Fake News Ad Flop

Viral Video Turns to Advertising

I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising that the people behind the non-viral viral video discussed here earlier this week have switched to fake news style advertising to bolster their non-viral efforts. In practice, it looks like this:

StarTribune Sells Front Page Fake News

What does surprise me is that the StarTribune was willing to run a red ALL CAPS fake news headline on the homepage of their website. While the Strib has nothing against advertising intrusiveness, it seems like they usually stop short of manipulating their audience for money. It’s also surprising to see the embedded video not mention that it’s an advertisement.

The Strib certainly wouldn’t sell fake headlines like this in the print edition. Or, is the website a leading indicator of what we can expect in print?

3 thoughts on “Viral Video Flop Switches to Fake News Ad Flop”

  1. The real funny part of this whole story is how little traffic a BOLD CAPS red font advertisement on the frontpage of the Strib drives. If youtube view counts update in near realtime it aint pretty.

  2. Man I need a job in advertising/marketing instead of schlepping food all day. Who cares if it works. Seems like it would be fun to be a part of…the making vids part that is. I don’t really buy canned tomatoes but whatevs.

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