New Form Of Spam Gives Women Orgasms

I’ve never encountered this form of blog comment spam before:

Re-Comment Spam

The lower of the two comments comes from a real Amanda. The upper comment took Amanda’s comment, added two more sentences, changed Amanda’s commenter URL, then reposted the comment under Amanda’s name.

That’s some sneaky stuff. The commenter and comment look familiar, which may cause many website owners to miss that it’s spam. Of course, there are still a few flags, such as the domain and email.

I don’t know where Amanda stands on giving women orgasms, but it seems safe to assume that the 2nd Amanda is not the same as the first.

4 thoughts on “New Form Of Spam Gives Women Orgasms”

  1. I haven’t seen any like that. Makes my comment spam seem so… inadequate.

    Does Akismet catch those? It seems to do a pretty good job on most of the spam comments I get.

  2. Yeah, I get those every once in a while (it started about 6 months ago). It’s a real bitch too because I’m so accustomed to finding regular commenter spam and just approving them based on the name. It’s really such a pain in the ass.

    I hate spammers almost as much as you hate phone books.

  3. Kearn, yeah, Akismet catches them. But when you’re scanning through the spam folder to get rid of the 500 new spams that show up every 60 minutes, you sometimes feel the urge to approve them.

    Tricky bastards.

  4. Wow. Well, I have to say I’m *completely onboard* with giving women orgasms, although I have yet to create a website dedicated to the topic!

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