Run Minneapolis: Minnehaha Parkway & Lake Nokomis

E Minnehaha Pkwy at S 39th Ave

Last Saturday, I ran a drizzley run along Minnehaha Parkway starting from the Minnhaha Creek with a return around Lake Nomokis.

Minnehaha Parkway on a Rainy Day

I took the Northern side of the parkway as I started West.

Hole 13 Tee at Hiawatha Golf Course

The 13th hole’s elevated tee box at Hiawatha Golf Course was vacant in the rain. Craig has a breakdown of this hole:

Minnehaha Creek Upstream from Hiawatha Golf Course

Minnehaha Creek wasn’t exactly rushing upstream from the golf course, but looked clean and clear.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN

Holy Cross Lutheran Church offers, “a traditional liturgical service with some contemporary touches.” I don’t know what that means.

Ball Field at 12th Ave S & Minnehaha Parkway

I played a ton of baseball with friends at this field at 12th Ave S back in the day. As you can see, the backstop isn’t exactly large. That led to inevitable foul balls into the creek, which led to everyone racing to the creek to follow the ball downstream until it was close enough to a bank to retrieve. Good times.

35W Construction at E Minnehaha Parkway

I-35W construction continues just North of the creek. Looking for a slightly used microwave?

Bridge over Minnehaha Creek West of 35W

I crossed the creek while listening to a TED Talks podcast where Mary Roach explained female pig orgasms and the impact they have on upsuck of sperm. Jump to around 11 minutes into this to see for yorself:

Luvurne Ave & Clinton Ave S

I turned back on Luvurne Ave, which took me through a beautiful quiet neighborhood just blocks East of 35W.

Pearl Lake Park Soccer

Pearl Lake Park was busy with soccer matches.

Johnson's Barber and Beauty Shop

Johnson’s Barber & Beauty Shop at 53rd & Chicago seemed to cater more to the barber side of things.

Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church

Nokomis Heights Lutheran Church includes a cookbook with hot dish recipies on their website. Marian seems to be quite the baker.

Fat Lorenzo's

Fat Lorenzo’s has been cranking out pizza & pasta since 1987 at Cedar Ave just South of Lake Nokomis.

Homes along Woodlawn Blvd

I followed Woodlawn Blvd around Lake Nokomis. That’s the street one up from the lake with the nice houses on it.

Woodlawn Blvd

The street jogs a bit on the NE part of the lake, which must have caused enough confustion to warrant these directional street signs.

Home for Sale on Woodlawn Blvd

This one overlooks Lake Nomokis out the back and is currently listed for $989,000.

Mel-O Glaze

Back on Minnehaha Parkway, my lack of cash prevented me from stopping for a donut at Mel-O-Glaze.

Nokomis East Welcome Sign

The Nokomis East welcome sign does a nice job incorporating the creek, lake, but they seem to have forgotten the other neighborhood icon: planes flying overheard.

St. James Episcopal Church

St. James Episcopal Church (aka. St James on the Parkway) also publishes a cookbook, although it doesn’t appear to be online. Recipes were due on the first.

6 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Minnehaha Parkway & Lake Nokomis”

  1. I lived in this neighborhood for 6 mos last year – spring/summer ’08 – back when I still ran everyday – and I grew to feel very affectionate for the Lake Nokomis atmosphere; so much calmer than Calhoun/Harriet. Love Fat Lorenzo’s. Didn’t love the planes. There should SO be a plane on that sign.

  2. Meloglaze always tempted me on our long runs past it. Especially when they were wheeling carts around outside. Always smelled so good.

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