Run Minneapolis: Columbia Park

NE 5th St at NE 37th Ave

I ventured to the Northern border of Minneapolis today for a post-Twin Cities Marathon inspired workout in Columbia Park. A cute quiet sliver of a neighborhood is tucked in between 37th Ave NE to the North and Columbia Golf Course to the South.

NE Railroad and Powerline

A train track and powerline run along the Southern border of the neighborhood just to the North of the Golf Course.

Columbia Golf Course

At 53F degrees, golfers were bundled up. The course appears to be in great shape.

Columbia Parkway at 5th St NE

Columbia Parkway runs along the South of the tracks on the Western end, then tucks underneath before climbing:

Climbing Columbia Parkway

There is some noticeable terrain along this stretch. I felt it.

Minneapolis Skyline View from Columbia Parkway

But there is a reward for climbing the hill. Check out the view the homes have of the Minneapolis skyline.

Central Ave NE at 37th Ave NE

At Central Ave NE, I could see all the way to Columbia Heights.

NE 36 1/2 Av at NE Quincy St

From there, I tucked back into the neighborhood and zig-zagged my way through the many short streets, including 36 1/2 Ave.

Small Park in Intersection N of Columbia Parkway

This small park sits at the center of a divided Architect Ave at 36th Ave NE (NE Minneapolis has a thing for intersecting streets with the same suffix like two avenues crossing – non-Euclidian geometry.)

Elevated City Water Hookup

Here’s something that I haven’t seen in other parts of the city to date. What’s with the elevated city water hookups?

One thought on “Run Minneapolis: Columbia Park”

  1. There are a few houses in Morningside that have those elevated water hookups, too. (We’re on Mpls city water.) No idea what the purpose is, though. Primarily tripping, toe-stubbing, and lawn mower troublemaking, I’d imagine.

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