Newsbobber’s Blog Directory Descriptions

Bob Ingrassia’s new Minnesota blog directory and ranking system, Newsbobber, has received some buzz on Twitter today. This seems like the start of something useful for people interested in finding local bloggers who’re passionate about various topics.

One thing that’s cool about the directory is reading Newsbobber’s take on what they perceive each site to be about. That’s no easy task considering how many bloggers blog about whatever it is that interests them rather than focusing on specific topics (sports writers) or pre-set points of view (columnists).

Here’s Newsbobber’s take on this site:

Newsbobber says: Ed Kohler, a Web marketing and digital strategy expert, gives you The Deets. This is Kohler’s personal blog, where you will discover a guy who really hates unsolicited phone books. Kohler also regales readers with tidbits about beer, pizza, jogging, biking and, oddly enough, folded toilet paper in hotel bathrooms. On occasion, Kohler unleashes his considerable Web research skills to expose Internet trickery, shady practices and other modern-day skullduggery.

That’s awesome. I get the impression that Newsbobber reads The Deets more than I read The Deets.

One little nugget I find interesting in that The Deets appears to be the first site added to the directory. Check the ID at the end of the URL:

There was a time when I was #1. Then all hell broke loose.

One thought on “Newsbobber’s Blog Directory Descriptions”

  1. Ed, your directory URL is No. 1 because as I was building the directory, you were the guinea pig! And, boy, did I abuse The Deets in the lab.

    Seriously, though, thanks for your comments in this post. You’re the first to highlight the directory detail pages and the Newsbobber descriptions. Those reviews are a lot of work, but I’m confident they will be useful. I believe they help set apart the directory from some of the auto-bot alternatives.

    I really hope the directory helps people find blogs they like and otherwise would never have discovered. I’m finding so many entertaining, informative, funny, maddening, touching and thought-provoking Minnesota blogs — and many of the authors have earned and deserve a wider audience.

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