Xcel Energy’s New Utility Boxes

Xcel's New Utility Boxes

Xcel Energy appears to be rolling out new utility boxes in Minneapolis like the ones above. The one problem I have with these is that they’re a blank canvas for taggers. The color choices seems rather ill-conceived for a urban environments.

It would be great to see Xcel get a bit more creative with the utility box design. Something that blended in with it surroundings and was less graffiti friendly would be awesome.

2 thoughts on “Xcel Energy’s New Utility Boxes”

  1. What would be really money is if they took a digital photo of the backdrop and then printed out a skin that matched.

  2. What purpose are these serving? I assume these are being used on commercial properties only – where the line from a transformer enters a single commercial property? Is the meter located in this box, or is that somewhere else?

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