4 thoughts on “Franklin at East River Road Intersection Proposals”

  1. The option of merging two streets pre-intersection to turn it into a 4-way rather than 5-way seemed to make sense too. Would that be more pedestrian friendly than a roundabout?

  2. It’s hard to tell… there aren’t really any other roundabouts in MN that experience such high pedestrian volumes – so it sort of depends on whether you think drivers would be willing to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks of a roundabout. If you think drivers will be willing to stop for peds, then a roundabout would reduce pedestrian delay much more than any signalized intersection (or intersections). If you don’t think drivers will stop, then maybe a signalized intersection would be a better, safer option. I have had a pretty good experiences being a pedestrian at roundabouts, so I tend to be optimistic about drivers willingness to stop… Of course, that’s just for peak hours. During non-peak hours a roundabout would practically eliminate all delay for both drivers and pedestrians.

    I’m not very attracted to modifying the geometry into a 4-way intersection simply because 2 of the 5 legs are the parkway, which IMO suggests that they should be subject to different design standards than other roadways. I fear that any option converting the intersection to a 4-way design will ultimately compromise the Parkway. The 4-way proposal presented at the second open house was quite a monstrosity, IMO. The northwest leg of the parkway was widened to 5 lanes (demolishing a home in the process), and the southwest leg was converted to one-way traffic. IMO, this severely compromises the integrity of the parkway. Were this another intersection, it may have been acceptable, but not along the parkway. I greatly prefer the final recommended option to the 4-way option (although I would have preferred a roundabout).

  3. People have a hard enough time with 4-way stops, I think a roundabout here would be disastrous, especially for pedestrians.

    Too bad the bridge couldn’t be extended and the river road go underneath. That would probably be financially unfeasible though.


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