Print Yellow Pages Ad Revenue Down. Online Too.

Idearc Media’s 8-K filing includes some interesting nuggets. Check this out:

From Idearc Media 8-K - Sep 15, 2009

Generally, it looks like year over year quarterly revenues are decreasing at an increasing rate. It mentions that online is doing better than print, so here’s a look at online:

From Idearc Media 8-K - Sep 15, 2009

That’s Idearc over on the right of each chart. A year ago, they grew revenue online while print decreased Online has a fraction of the revenue of print, so the online revenue was not able to make up for print losses. But in 2009, Idearc is projecting that their online revenue will decrease year over year.

I looked at this back in March based on 2008’s numbers and thought things looked gloomy at the time. Since then, it seems things have only gotten worse on the top line.

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