Idearc Superpages, Yellowbook, and Qwest Dex Trifecta FAIL

Yellow Pages Print Spam Trifecta

Coming to a neighborhood near you: The trifecta of yellow pages print directory spam from our three local yellow pages spammers. This is from a home on Pierce St NE in Minneapolis.

It looks like Qwest Dex led the charge with three books to rot in the rain. Yellowbook followed on with a book to rot alongside Qwest’s. And now Idearc has joined the club with a Superpages print spam.

Here’s a portion of a July 15th comment from Idearc Media’s PR guy, Andrew Shane, explaining that Idearc Media – the company that delivered a yellow pages directory to a home that already had rotting directories from two other print spammers – is different from the competition:

Again, I can’t speak for other companies, but I can tell you that we:

– are making concerted efforts to speak w/ our vendors on the proper ways to deliver
– invested $$ on technology for our vendors to assist in the deliver to the appropriate houses and honoring opt out; again, we absolutely understand an unopened book does nobody any good

We’ve also introduced programs to differentiate ourselves to local businesses and consumers who are interested in our products (print and online). While we are not going to do what you suggest, we are holding our vendors and our employees to task related to opting out and the delivery of the books. We are also providing a value to consumers.

Andrew Shane

I have a feeling that a home like this isn’t going to opt-out of delivery. But the message should be clear to anyone with an inkling of corporate responsibility that dropping additional yellow pages on this property is littering.

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  1. Pfft, I don’t think this is a yellow pages problem. I think the home owners are probably just couple of deadbeats… :rolleyes:

  2. I can appreciate the time you took to complain about the horrible service the yellowpages is providing….what I want to know is, did you pick them up and recycle them or did you just leave them there so you continue to complain about them? I’m guessing if you knew the first two were there and didn’t pick them up, you haven’t picked the three of them up. I’m sure that’s someone else’s job. I’m sure this happens more often than we would like to think about but when we think about all the waste we produce on a daily basis this is a very small piece. So if you haven’t already please go and recycle the books. Thanks

  3. I agree with Adam, if the person who lived is ever able to afford a Plumber or Roofer I’m betting the first place he would go is the pHone Book. People show one or two of these types of stories every couple months. You forget abotu the hundreds of thousdands that go out and go inside the homes and get used. People have been using the books for years and will continue to do so. These pictures and blogs only make that homeowner look bad, not the yellowpage companies

  4. AHAHAHHAHAHA, wow my trolling motor paid for itself in less than a day! Booyaa.

    Wow Brett you’re an idiot. It’s quite obvious that the phone book companies are littering on someone’s front step. We don’t want your trash…

  5. @John, I snapped that shot while in the middle of a run, so your company’s (Idearc) yellow pages spam will continue to rot alongside your competitor’s yellow pages spam. This wasn’t at my home. I passed this property while running.

    Only someone working for the yellow pages industry would justify the industry’s waste through relative comparison. Grow up. Take responsibility, and stop littering.

  6. Ed –

    I spoke with our head delivery guy who assures me he is going to hold our contractor accountable for this obvious error. No excuses, this shouldn’t be happening and we are going to make it better. Bottom line is, it doesn’t make common or business sense to deliver any product to someone who doesn’t want it.

    Moving forward, consumers will clearly see, “To order directories or to stop delivery of this directory, call 1-800-888-8448” on all Idearc published books including the Verizon Yellow Pages. May not seem like much, but very few companies are that clear.

    Now, before you say it, getting the information is only half the equation. And, in your eyes, we aren’t doing the other half. I know you will find this hard to believe, and I absolutely understand why you would, but we are trying and we will get there. GPS Tracking Technology, accountability, etc.

    Ed, as I’ve said before I do appreciate you keeping Idearc and the industry honest. Provide me with addresses and photos of those empty buildings and we will pick up our book. We will also have “evidence” to show the contractor.

    As far as employees who are responding. Company code of conduct is crystal clear as far as acting as a spokesperson and/or misrepresenting yourself (there is no Scott Powers working for us). You can’t and it is grounds for firing/dismissal. Give me the IP address and my security will have a chat with those individuals.

    Andrew Shane

  7. To Mr. Shane:

    I was trying to find out when the new Minneapolis Verizon directory comes out (usually Sept. and after viewing your website) it now says a publication of March. Are you still going to continue to put out a Minneapolis book or not? Many times this is a sign that the book is folding…that is quite a long time to delay your book. Hopefully you will not continue to bill advertisers for extra time they didn’t sign for. Although I hope you can put out the book as the coupons are great, I would like to know what your future holds for this market and what your position is going forward in an obviously crowded market. Perhaps the metro needs only 1 phone book. I hope that this is not due to careless delivery as illustrated by Mr. Kohler.

  8. oops…I forgot to check the box for email notification on followup comments by email…Mr. Kohler can you please notify me of any followup comments on my previous post. Thanks!

  9. What amazes me is that you have the time to keep this up… Why are you not writing about the billions of our $ not a yellow pages $ being wasted everyday by our Govt.? Goldman Sachs with Billions in bonuses after being bailed out. Are we not losing enough jobs that now you are going to cause some poor delivery guy his job, the yellow pages sales person their job, and all the people behind them that support and print it. WOW, I think with that is going on right now and our forces fighting a war for your freedom that you could find a more just cause to write about.
    Adam- why don’t you post what you do for a living??? Are there any people writing about your career and preventing you from making a living and supporting your kids? Leave these people alone and use your writing capabilities to help people and not hurt.

  10. @Mike, I want to be very clear about something: When I write about yellow pages companies delivering print phone books to vacant properties and residents who have no plan to use them (and in many cases have proactively opted out of delivery) I am writing about the industry’s waste and the poor job they’ve done addressing it.

    The jobs you seem to be defending are the percentage of money and labor going toward creating things with negative value.

    The poor delivery guy’s job isn’t threatened by pointing out the industry’s waste. It’s threatened by the industry’s waste. The more money the industry spends delivering books to people who don’t use them, the less they can pay the poor delivery guy.

    I hope you realize that I fully support the delivery of yellow pages to people who plan on using them. I believe the best approach to this is an opt-in program where people request yellow pages if they want them. That way no one will complain about receiving a print form of spam. This has been done in cities like Cincinnati with white pages.

  11. @Mike

    You complain that you can’t believe Ed would blog on this topic. What is more amazing is that you take not only the time to read a blog you don’t care about, but the time to comment on it. It’s like Ed made a point and you responded with “hey look over there!”. Masterful strategy.

    Wasted tax dollars and wasted phonebooks are BOTH wasted resources. Both cost needless money that could be spent more effectively elsewhere.

    In my mind, your argument reinforces what Ed has to say….

  12. Please, on one hand keep it real. throwing a book on already old books is dumb and a waste. but what old lady wants to get online for a number ?

  13. @Noway That’s why it should be in an opt-in system. If the old lady wants to use a book to find a number then she can have the book delivered to her house.

  14. The lesson here is that it’s okay to leave plastic bags of recyclable garbage on someone else’s property. If the recipient does not want it, all they have to do is recycle it or use it as a child booster seat or whatever.

    Here is an interactive list of drop off points for plastic sacks of recyclable material that anyone can use:

  15. @George, I have a few issues with your “lesson”.

    1. You provide a link to only one of three of the YP companies that spam Minneapolis with directories annually.

    2. Why should I have to drive to a location to recycle the spam I never asked for in the first place?

    3. Why should I spend tax dollars dealing with the disposal of directories via garbage or recycling?

    4. Why should I have to spend any of my time dealing with Qwest, Superpages, or Yellowbook’s litter?

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