Run Minneapolis: Buchanan & Pierce Streets NE

NE Buchanan St and E Hennepin Ave

My Run Minneapolis project has been happening. I’m a bit behind on the blogging. Here was last night’s run through NE Minneapolis starting from Hennepin Ave E & Buchanan St NE.

EZ Stop

This corner is home to the EZ Stop. Remember when they used to sell really high octane gas here? What happened to that?

Squirrel Feeder

Some people hate squirrels. This house on Buchanan is exactly the opposite. Now you know where to bring squirrels who are in need of relocation.

SuperGuarantee & Qwest Dex

Idearc Media appears to have failed to live up to their promise of being better corporate citizens than their print yellow pages directory competitors. How else can you explain Idearc’s directory distributed next to rotting Qwest Dex books from earlier this summer?

Jim Lupient Water Park

I caught a glimpse of the Jim Lupient Water Park while passing through the Northeast Athletic Fields.

Soccer at Northeast Park

Some boys playing soccer. There were quite a few things going on at the many fields up here.

Power Chord from Outdoors to In

If you run out of power outlets upstairs, just run a line out a window.

Audubon Park

Audubon Park was pretty quiet. A few kids on the playground and a mom surfing the web on her Mac. The Audubon Park neighborhood website explains that dreams come easier there because it’s high on a hill with skyline views.

St Anthony Parkway at NE Buchanan St

Crossing St. Anthony Parkway, I passed the based of the wall of a hill along the Grand Rounds bike path. The path through NE is in great shape and almost entirely newly paved within the past few years.

N End of Pierce St NE

At 36th Ave NE, I turned back on Pierce St. This is the scene at the end of the road. Much of the roads in this part of the city are concrete rather than pavement. Anyone know why?

Cavell Park, Minneapolis

Here’s the view from Pierce St looking down on the very pretty Cavell Park. Block by block up and downhills keep things interesting.

All Nations Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN

This is All Nations Baptist Church at Pierce & Lowry.

Kickball Warmups

Back at the Northeast Athletic Fields, kickball teams were warming up their legs and their livers.

Railroad Track

This is the railroad track that cuts off Pierce St between 13th & Broadway.

Taconite in NE Minneapolis

Strangely, the tracks were littered with Taconite. I thought that pass through ports on Lake Superior rather than passing through Minneapolis.

Midwest Wrought Iron, Inc

Midwest Wrought Iron, Inc at Broadway & Pierce may have a use for that taconite.


Neo Neon Art & Design at 1301 Summer Ave NE is a place to go to get your neon on.

Olson Sheet Metal Works

Back at Hennepin Ave, I called it a run at Olson Sheet Metal Works.

Six rolling miles through a beautiful slice of NE Minneapolis.

5 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Buchanan & Pierce Streets NE”

  1. Idearc Media put the book right next to the door step. Is it there fault the occupants of that place are deadbeats and cant take them off the porch???

  2. @YP Haters: ReaIf you are going to lurk and post lame attacks at EK, at least learn from previous tools that Ed will view your IP address. If you post from a home computer, we will still know you are a loser, but at least a loser with a little cunning.

    @Ed: What’s the percent of Mpls streets covered so far?

  3. Concrete lasts longer than asphalt, but is more expensive. These streets are pretty old, and low traffic volumes must mean they haven’t needed repaving.

    Great post!

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