7 thoughts on “United Noodles Has a Lot of Ramen”

  1. Back when I was a Mormon missionary, it was typical for local members of the church invite us over for dinner. I met one wonderful woman from Thailand who always bragged about her “authentic Thai food.” After months of trying to coordinate our schedules (and her talking up her cooking skillz), we finally got together for an “authentic Thai dinner.” It turned out to be the biggest bowl of Ramen I’ve ever seen – an oversized popcorn bowl heaping with Ramen. And make no mistake, it wasn’t homemade or any strange brand or augmented with her own blend of spices or anything, just a giant bowl of Maruchan Ramen – chicken flavor, of course.

    As always, it was tasty.

  2. Just because a food is made of noodles does NOT automatically make the noodles RAMEN. That’s like saying spaghetti and fettucine are also ramen. What you actually have in your pictures are different varieties of NOODLES and probably no actual ramen as actual ramen are completely different than the stale packaged ones found at the stores.

  3. We offer FRESH ramen in our refrigerated section and tonkotsu (reg and spicy), shoyu (reg and spicy)and miso (reg and spicy) at the UniDeli as well. However you noodle, we can help. Plus our instant section is even BIGGER now 🙂

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