El Norteno Mexican Restaurant – Longfellow’s Top Mexican Food

Judysbook.com has 10 reviews of El Norteno on E Lake St including one from me – their first – from July 12, 2005.

This past spring, someone named foodieem went to El Norteno then ripped the place on CitySearch (syndicated onto Judysbook) under the title “Everything Bad” and gave it a 1-star review.

Here are the stars of reviews to date:

5 Star

5 Star

5 Star

5 Star

5 Star

5 Star

5 Star

4 Star

4 Star

1 Star

The stupid thing about Judysbook.com’s rating system is that foodieem’s review is considered “The Most Helpful Critical Review.” Why? Because it’s the only critical review of the place.

She also accuses other reviewers of being astroturfers: “After eating there, it is 100% obvious that the other reviews were written by the owners themselves.”

I bounced over to CitySearch to see if anyone responded to her review. Sure enough, someone had:

Beemerbike– March 24, 2009 at 18:08:07 PDT
Wow, aren’t you clueless? This place is a Minneapolis cornerstone. Those ladies work their tails off and hardly have time to take a breath much less waste time writing bogus reviews. Perhaps stick to Taco Bell–there’s one down the street.

I couldn’t agree more with Beemerbike’s take on foodieem’s review. If Applebee’s versions of Mexican such as Chevy’s or Don Pablo’s are your frame of reference, El Norteno will seem like it’s in another country since it nearly is. For those who appreciate great, reasonably priced, Mexican food prepared by Longfellow neighbors, El Norteno can’t be beat.

6 thoughts on “El Norteno Mexican Restaurant – Longfellow’s Top Mexican Food”

  1. I enjoy going to El Norteno, especially sitting outside in the patio, but prefer El Nuevo Rodeo for a little better Mexican food.

  2. Online reviews with comments are rife with assassins. Some are contrarians who just love to tear a restaurant down, some are friends of competitors (or actual competitors), and some are people who actually had a lousy meal but who fail to appreciate that no restaurant is perfect ALL the time.

    But easily the most irritating are those “experts” who KNOW what a certain kind of food is supposed to taste like. They’ve been to Bangkok or Mexico City and whatever they ate there is the standard they go by. They have no clue if they went to good or bad restaurants while traveling, only that their authentic experience is more valid than any other objective criteria.

    Caveat emptor. If you read online comments for insights into a particular restaurant, I hope you have some critical reading skills. That and the common sense to realize that the wait person or cook who offended someone in 2005 may no longer work at that establishment.

  3. El Norteno has been a regular spot for us since it opened. Our youngest daughter (13) was with us soon after she was born. The “Olivia’s” special was named after her.

    Food and service is consistently very good, fresh and home made.

    The clientele is both anglo and latino so you they must be doing something right

    They are good folks.

  4. My wife and I just tried El Norteno tonight after your recommendation. The food was great. The service was very pleasant, but also quite slow. We’ll try it again sometime to give the service a second chance.

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