North Minneapolis Slumlord Map

Johnny Northside got his hands on lists of 107 properties owned by four people Johnny describes as “notorious North Minneapolis slumlord entities.”

He provides the data on his blog in list form. I thought it would be fun to map it to help illustrate where these properties are. Here is a map of all 107 property’s addresses owned by the four “notorious North Minneapolis slumlord entities.” (The map markers may take a while to load.) This doesn’t appear to be working in Safari. Give a different browser a try if you can.

Johnny includes commentary on which property was a prostitution house, which was home to a murdered girl, and the “House of Poop“.

And below, the data is broken out by entity:

Keith Reitman:

Danna D Investors III LLC:

Mahmood Khan:

Bashir Moghul:

Here’s the data in spreadsheet form.

7 thoughts on “North Minneapolis Slumlord Map”

  1. I checked out one of the locations I bike past all the time. Sure enough, Reitman owns the very small duplex that seems occupied by mostly 20- something Hmong males. I first noticed it because in the morning I count 12 or 12 vehicles parked there each day. The number rarely drops below 8 at different times of day.

  2. CORRECTION: An earlier comment of mine misidentified the ownership of a duplex, based on looking at the map instead of directly checking an address against property tax records. Keith Reitman doesn’t own the property I described.

    An urban landlord’s job is aggravating enough without people making incorrect comments about them. My apologies to Mr. Reitman.

  3. I am a Public Health Nurse doing home visits on the North side. I cannot believe the sub-standard living conditions I see multiple times DAILY. I am trying to advocate healthy living and this is an insurmountable task when folks can’t even flush their toilets, walk on even floors and heat their homes. These people are suffering, being robbed of their minimal incomes and have no voice. Eveb if they had a voice would anyone listen? Please direct me to the proper authorities so I can report these lecherous slumlords and bring justice to those who need it the most. Thank you for your website and sleuthing! I would like to know if you have info on a certain slumlord but don’t want to post his name until I know a little more about his reputation. I am having a difficult time finding anything on the web. Perhaps you could contact me privately via email? I have MANY questions! Thank you!

  4. Great observation Elizabeth!

    Here is a link to the Hennepin County – Report Problems with your Rental Unit. (This is for tenants only.)

    Here is the public report site. (Note that it refers only to outside cosmetic issues.)

    The problem is that many of the tenants that you have described are fearful of reporting issues because it is a quick way to become evicted.

    How many of these homes would you say are being funded through some sort of rental entitlement program by our tax dollars? Sure these homes have to pass a minimal building code standards when they are sold, but are never inspected for maintenance or upkeep as a rental.

    Even if we are so callus to the living conditions of others, isn’t it in our own best interest to insure that our tax dollars are going towards funding livible housing of in our communities?

    I would like to see annual inspections of rentals in order to be eligible for public rental assistance.

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