Westin’s Eco-Friendlier Showerheads

Westin Hotels have boasted for years about their double shower head systems. However, they appear to be under some eco-heat, so now turn one of the two showerheads off by default.

Do they now tell people that one head is better than two?

2 thoughts on “Westin’s Eco-Friendlier Showerheads”

  1. That was my favorite part of the Westin in Union Square. I’d be sad if I saw two heads but they only gave me one.

  2. wtf? two shower heads? why would you want two heads (aside from the obvious situation where you are showering with a friend…)? Since they’re both fed by the same 1/2 inch (probably) line, you aren’t going to get more pressure out of two than out of one – just more volume & spread…. but you could have gotten that with a single higher quality showerhead….. I don’t really get it. That’s probably why I stay in places with names like “Joe’s Motel.”

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